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    HaBima Theatre Houses

    HaBima Theatre Houses on Tel Aviv audio tour The White City

    Stop at the entrance to one of the buildings on your right. Notice the plaque overhead.

    Unlike the proletariat Ohel Theater, that we saw earlier, HaBima Theatre was the theatre for the bourgeoisie. Designated to this day as “the national Theatre”, HaBima Theatre has had a huge role in making Tel Aviv a cultural hub.

    In 1930s Tel Aviv, with an influx of new immigrants and a housing shortage, it was difficult to buy an apartment due to rising prices. The actors, directors, costume makers, etc. purchased a plot of land together. They constructed their houses and one can only imagine how bohemian this place must have felt back in the day.

    Today, it would probably be considered so hipstery…

    Let's keep moving. Continue to the corner.

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