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    Frishman Tower

    Frishman Tower on Tel Aviv audio tour The White City

    Stop here on the corner and look up at the residential high-rise. This is 46 Frishman Tower.

    The White City of Tel Aviv has hundreds of buildings designated for preservation. But the pressure from real estate developers is ever-growing.

    Frishman Tower was said to be one of the last high-rises built into the historic fabric of the White City. To lesser the blatant disregard of its surroundings, the building was designed as a homage to the International Style.

    Look back to the opposite corner of the intersection. Notice the rounded balconies of the International Style? That’s what the architect of the Frishman Tower tried to mimic.

    When you’re ready, turn so the theatre is behind you.

    Just ahead on the right is a pedestrian passage that leads away from the street, through the Frishman Tower's lovely herb garden. Make your way along it. Hopefully, you will pick up some scents of basil and rosemary on your way. I'll meet you as you exit the garden onto the street.

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