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    Café Kasit

    Café Kasit on Tel Aviv audio tour The White City

    Stop here, in front of 117 Dizengoff Street.

    The commercial character of Tel Aviv keeps people busy and Dizengoff Street is probably the clearest example. You can stop by a place here on Dizengoff and discover it either changed its name, or that it's turned from a French Bistro into an Italian restaurant, or that it changed owners twice over since you last visited.

    But there was one establishment in this address that kept going for almost half a century. Opened in 1944 in this location, the mythological Café Kasit was all you could expect from a decadent bohemian coffee place. One could spot all the celebrities of Tel Aviv sitting here - the famous actress Hanna Rovina and her lover Alexander Penn, for example.

    Once you've had a good look, continue along Dizengoff Street while I tell you more.

    Other famous poets who frequented Café Kasit were Nathan Alterman and Lea Goldberg. Their literary work became such an important part of Israeli culture, that the two are now featured on Israeli Shekel banknotes! Look for Nathan Alterman on the 200 Shekel banknote, and Lea Goldberg - on the 100 Shekel banknote.

    Café Kasit gave rise to the Israeli “Espresso Generation”, named so to represent its bon vivant character.

    Keep going along Dizengoff Street to the nearest intersection.

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