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    Hasharon Garden

    Hasharon Garden on Tel Aviv audio tour The Electrifying Story of Gan HaHashmal and Its Architecture

    This garden located in the center of the neighborhood is officially named Hasharon Garden. It was inaugurated in the 1920’s and is the oldest public garden in Tel Aviv that still serves as such. It is the neighborhood’s "green lung". Here, we can take a short break to recap the huge transformation of Gan HaHashmal neighborhood.

    It began as a prestigious neighborhood for wealthy businessmen who filled it with luxurious buildings. But over the years, the buildings slowly crumbled down, and the apartments in the neighborhood were no longer as attractive as before. Metal workshops and car garages were opened in the neglected buildings. In the 1960’s, numerous buildings within the neighborhood were demolished and turned into parking lots. There was also a plan to bulldoze the garden in which we are currently standing, and turn it into a highrise building with an underground parking lot.

    One of the reasons that this garden was designated for demolition was that the neighborhood had turned into a hotbed for prostitution. By the 1990’s, the garden became infamous also for being a meet-up spot for homosexuals at a time that even Tel Aviv was unaccustomed to openly gay men. Gan HaHashmal neighborhood began its makeover in the early 21st century. The old workshops made way for designer shops, the crumbling buildings underwent restoration and preservation constructions, and new businesses flocked to the area, making it one of the most hipster neighborhoods in the world today.

    Feel free to spend some time here, but let me first show you where to go next.

    Facing the blue and white mural at the back wall of the garden, you're going to take the exit near it, on the right.

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The Electrifying Story of Gan HaHashmal and Its Architecture