• LOCATION 3 | The Electrifying Story of Gan HaHashmal and Its Architecture

    16 Levontin Street

    16 Levontin Street on Tel Aviv audio tour The Electrifying Story of Gan HaHashmal and Its Architecture

    Coming up on your left is 16 Levontin Street. Its the one with a palm tree in front and is a mish mash of styles; modern skyscraper on top and neoclassical house on the bottom.

    Stop in front of it to have a good look.

    The house was owned by the Abushedid family, one of the most respected Jewish families in the Land of Israel. One of the daughters of the family, Leah Abushedid, was known as the most beautiful woman in the Jewish community at the time. She had many suitors, the most famous of whom was Itamar Ben Avi. He published the love poems he wrote for her in the newspaper owned by his father, Eliezer Ben Yehuda, who is celebrated to this day as the driving force behind the revival and modernization of the Hebrew language.

    The Abushedid family did not take kindly to the suitor, who was of a lower social status. However, Leah persisted and notified her family that she would not agree to marry any other man. Meanwhile, the young suitor’s poems were growing gloomy. In one of them, Itamar Ben Avi described the gun he would use if he could not be united with his beloved. Finally, their union was approved, even though the Abushedid family insisted on an engagement period of two whole years, in order to test Ben Avi’s commitment.

    Ok let's keep moving.

    To the left of the Abushedid house, there is a pedestrian path called Shvil HaOr ("the Path of Light"). When you're ready, make your way up this path to HaHashmal Street and to our next stop: The first power plant in Israel.

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The Electrifying Story of Gan HaHashmal and Its Architecture