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    The Church Porch

    Stop here for a moment and have a look at the church.

    This magnificent building is the real thing, dating from the 1400s.

    Henry the 7th used the Tudor Rose logo after the war of the roses as a symbol to unite the country and as a way of joining the opposing royal houses of York and Lancaster. The Tudor Rose was a symbol for the Royal House of Tudor. Henry the 7th wanted a period of peace after grabbing the crown at the battle of Bosworth.

    The lord of the manor of Lavenham, John De Vere had just helped Henry 7th to beat Richard 3rd and he was well rewarded. He used some of his wealth to develop this church.

    Look up to the tower.

    You'll notice his sign, a star, occurs several times. This is why we have a star on one of the heraldic shields on the Village sign. John De Vere wanted everyone to know that it was him.

    The church porch is worth looking at more closely.

    Another symbol John De Vere liked to add to his buildings was the sign of a wild boar. The word for boar in Latin is pronounced as “vere”, the same as his name.

    Look above the door for two rather worn carvings of a boar.

    Later the De Veres became the Dukes of Oxford. The church is definitely worth a look in later. There are guides and greeters inside to help you get more out of a visit to the church.

    Now, facing the church, make your way around the right side of it, where there is a section with 3 larger windows.

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Lavenham: A Walk on the Medieval Side