• LOCATION 7 | Lavenham: A Walk on the Medieval Side

    Red Wall

    Stop here for a moment next to the redbrick house on the right. It says Red Wall on the side.

    Here starts a long red brick wall going towards the road. As you go along the wall see if you can spot some bricked up windows and doorways. This wall was once part of a large warehouse which was used by William Roper as a horse hair factory in the 1800s. Horse hair from all over the world was transported here to be woven on Roper’s steam powered looms. Horse hair linen was a sought after product in the reign of Queen Victoria. The Roper family also used the fibres from the coconut to weave flooring in the town. They were the last in a line of weaving industrialists in Lavenham.

    Ok, let's keep moving.

    The large chimney you can see at the end at the end of the street was at the centre of a large building. It has been substantially altered and now we have a set of extremely large chimneys in a much smaller building. It had been rumoured during the nineteenth century that this chimney dated from the time of Henry VIII, sadly this is now seen as unlikely. Perhaps the chimneys were part of the business next door, the Greyhound Inn.

    Keep walking.

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Lavenham: A Walk on the Medieval Side