• LOCATION 5 | Lavenham: A Walk on the Medieval Side

    Lavenham Hall

    Stop where the path passes the pond and look over to your left at the grand farmhouse called Lavenham Hall.

    The older manor house that was the De Vere home was sold for materials and occasionally remains can still be found in the grounds. The current building still has a Hall house at its centre and the wooden panelling inside is said to have come from a battleship that was at the Sea Battle of Trafalgar.

    The pond in front of you is fed by natural springs and was most likely used to supply fish. Note that water passes out of the pond and under the bridge.

    You have been walking in a parcel of land called the “Tenter Piece”. It was a place where a tenter frame was set up. A tenter frame was a wooden frame with many hooks in it. The washed woollen yarn was stretched on the hooks while drying to ensure that the yarn did not shrink. So the phrase "on tenter hooks" could be seen to mean that you are a bit "strung up".

    Continue along the path to the junction at the end of the path where it meets the lane. I'll meet you there.

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Lavenham: A Walk on the Medieval Side