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    De Vere House

    On your right is the redbrick and timber De Vere House. This is a Grade 1 listed building!

    Stand by the front door.

    Go on, have a selfie!

    There, you now have a picture of the second most photographed door after 10 Downing St, well, so some in Lavenham say!

    We can see a timber framework with herring bone brickwork to infill the sections between the timbers. Strange to think, that at sometime, bricks were not being bonded into a wall. The De Vere family lived here, but apparently so did Harry Potter! Harry Potter had to use a CGI mock up of the house as his home in the Gudric Hollow location in his films.

    The De Veres had the real thing.

    The De Vere family not only built the Church but also lived in the town until the 1600’s.

    Look carefully and you will see that they left their star and boar in the carving on their house as well.

    This house was another that was sold, to be dismantled to go to America in 1926. Half of it got to Southampton docks before the locals managed to stop it. These timbers should have all been returned to Lavenham, but not all made the journey! Lost in transit maybe? So half of this house was reinstated with a mixture of ancient and more modern timber.

    When you're ready, carry on down Water Street towards Shilling St.

    While you walk, enjoy the rare collection of timbered houses, houses that were the base for the plethora of trades needed to make high quality cloth.

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Lavenham: A Walk on the Medieval Side