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    Blaize House

    Stop here on the corner with Bear Lane.

    There is a pair of timbered cottages. A fine display of expensive timbers. The upper floors are jettied and the doors are those wide doors that the merchants loved. The wider windows tempt us to guess that perhaps a weaver working a loom might have been hard at work here.

    The name of the house again reminds us of St Blaise as in the pargetting on the Swan.

    This carefully preserved timbered building is an example of the Preservation movement in Lavenham. The building were rescued from extinction and are now one of the most sought after residences in the county. The cottage and its neighbour show the characteristics to look for in Tudor merchants houses. We have the timber work, the jettied first floors and the wide door ways to access the rear.

    This is where my tour of Lavenham ends. We are now close to where we started outside the Cock Horse but equally the Market Square is near by. So you can now find somewhere to rest and decide where you want to go next. I am sure that you have been eyeing up the various tea rooms along the High street, and if you want an inn you will need to choose from The Cock Horse, The Swan, The Angel or the Greyhound.

    The Church, The Little Hall and The Guidhall are still there waiting for you, so that you can explore them.

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    I hope that you have a lovely day in Lavenham and that this tour has given you some fond memories and scenes to cherish.


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Lavenham: A Walk on the Medieval Side