• LOCATION 68 | Interstate 55: St. Louis, MO to Springfield, IL

    Springfield Attractions

    As Springfield is the hometown of Abraham Lincoln, it should come as no surprise that many of the attractions and exhibits here pertain to Lincoln’s life, career, and accomplishments. Some of these include:

    The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

    The Lincoln Family Home

    The Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices

    Lincoln’s Family Pew at the First Presbyterian Church where he and his family attended church

    The train depot where Lincoln departed to Washington D.C. after being elected president

    The place where Lincoln got his haircut

    The place where Lincoln went to the dentist

    The “Lincoln Courting Couch” where Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd sat during their courtship.

    The wedding ring of Mary Lincoln

    Lincoln’s Hat

    And Lincoln’s Tomb

    But Springfield is also home to many other fascinating attractions that do not revolve around Abraham Lincoln…such as

    The Illinois Fire Museum

    The Illinois State Military Museum

    The Air Combat Museum

    The Springfield Mile…the fastest one-mile dirt track in the nation.

    The Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon which is the world’s 5th largest bell tower

    The Edwards Trace…a dirt path believed to be the oldest path in Illinois, where one can walk on the same dirt path used for thousands and thousands of years by migratory animals and native Americans

    Locations relevant to Springfield’s 1908 Race Riot, an event that sparked the creation of the NAACP

    The leg of Mexican President General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna – the 11-term president of Mexico who ordered the death of not only Davy Crocket but everybody inside the Alamo

    And…the Cozy Dog Drive-Inn… which is located less than 2 and a half miles straight ahead on the left side of 6th Avenue. The Cozy Dog Drive Inn is the birthplace of the Corn Dog on a stick and it continues to serve up its original corn dog.

    With soooo much to see in Springfield, that needs a tour of its own!

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Interstate 55: St. Louis, MO to Springfield, IL