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    Livingston and the Pink Elephant Antique Mall

    Once again, we are above empty abandoned coal mining tunnels and will be for the next 12 miles as more than 40 coal mines once operated within 15 miles of where we are now. The entrance to the mine below us is about a mile away in the village of Livingston and welcoming us to Livingston is the Pink Elephant Antique Mall, with its larger than life fiberglass men, women, ice cream cones, flying saucer, and of course, pink elephants. This building once housed Livingston's second High School which opened in 1926, just 10 years after Livingston’s first High School opened but had already become overcrowded.

    Livingston was settled during the 1860s by Irish immigrant farmer John Livingston, and after a railroad came through in 1904, the rights to the coal beneath his land were sold to a mining company and the village of Livingston was created. More than 1,500 people lived in Livingston by 1920, and half of them worked at the coal mines. The village once had 30 taverns, a horse racing track, two theatres, a dance hall, and a bowling alley, but after the last mine closed in 1964, its population has steadily decreased.

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Interstate 55: St. Louis, MO to Springfield, IL