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    Forsyth Park

    Forsyth Park on Savannah, Georgia audio tour A Stroll through the Heart of Savannah’s Historical District

    As you enter Forsyth Park, veer to the left and walk down the wide sidewalk area, lined with benches under the canopy of live oak trees.

    Forsyth Park is the southern end of the historic district. It is not considered one of our squares, but essentially our central park. If you look to the right, you will notice Victorian homes along the edge of the park. This is also the beginning of our Victorian District.

    The park was originally created in the 1840's on only 10 acres donated by William Hodgson. In 1851 the park was expanded and named for Georgia Governor John Forsyth. Forsyth Park now consists of 30 acres.

    The Forsyth Park fountain, in front of you is our crowning jewel of Savannah. This fountain, made of cast iron was a catalog mail order from France and installed in 1858. The city paid $3,000 for the fountain, which today would be around $83,000. It is an absolutely beautiful fountain. I encourage you to take a moment and get your selfie at the fountain. If you are not good at selfies, there is always someone around the fountain that will do the honors for you.

    This is where I'll be leaving you. Thank you for taking the time to walk with me. If you feel like exploring further, I recommend the beautiful Victorian homes along Whitaker Street to your right.

    Just past the fountain on the left, is Collins Quarter at Forsyth Park. You might want to grab a bite to eat, or just relax a while at one of their outside tables. On Saturday mornings you will find a Farmer's Market on the south end of Forsyth Park, just keep walking past the fountain, until you get to the market. Along Park St., on the very south side of the park, you will find a coffee shop and health food store.

    Or you can go relax and get something to eat and drink at any one of the places we've past on the tour.

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    Thanks and enjoy your time in Savannah.

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A Stroll through the Heart of Savannah’s Historical District