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  • LOCATION 22 | Downtown São Paulo


    Take a right into the street ahead and keep walking. We're heading towards the Municipal Market.

    I've been living in this city for over seven years now, and every time I'm in downtown Sao Paulo, I am reminded of my first trip here. Back then, it all seemed so chaotic, so loud and so unlike what I'd been used to! Having spent four years in the Japanese countryside prior to my move to Sao Paulo, as you can probably imagine, this city seemed very intense!

    To be totally honest with you, the biggest cultural hurdle I found was this - the way Brazilians greet each other! If you are anything like me when I first arrived, you may be surprised to see the amount of hugging and kissing going on between friends in public.

    This was certainly quite eye-opening for me at first, having come from a country where physical contact is generally avoided! Nowadays I greet friends and colleagues with kisses and hugs, no problem, but this aspect of life here really took some getting used to!

    Continue towards the market.

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