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  • LOCATION 20 | Downtown São Paulo

    25 de Marco

    Cross the street at the crosswalk, then turn left to continue along Rua 25 de Marco.

    Every year, before Christmas, SO MANY residents of Sao Paulo flock to this street to buy cheap Christmas presents. The TV stations always film this street from above in a helicopter, broadcasting the madness that ensues with present buying live to the nation! As you walk along 25 Marco, take note of all the tacky goods on offer!

    I imagine that by now you've been shouted at by a number of street vendors and maybe even given a massage by someone with a metal pronged instrument. Usually, the vendors on this side of the street aren't as 'in your face' as the opposite side.

    In just a few minutes time you will be arriving in one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sao Paulo, the municipal market!

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