SF Waterfront Landmarks: 2 Hour Tour

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    21 Apr 2016
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    Pier One and a Half

    Pier One and a Half
    SF Waterfront Landmarks: 2 Hour Tour

    Welcome to San Francisco and the SF Powerboats self-guided audio tour. You should be idling alongside Pier One and a Half, ready to start your route.

    I’m Gabriel, your guide, and I’ll be narrating stories and the history behind some of San Francisco bay’s most famous landmarks.

    Before we go, let me explain how this works. VoiceMap uses your GPS location to play commentary automatically. If you look at the map on your screen, you'll see a red route line and red map markers. Follow the route line. When you reach a marker, you'll hear me tell you more about what you're seeing. You'll need to stay on track to hear the commentary, because it uses your GPS to play automatically.

    All right, so let's go! Make your way out of Pier One and a Half now. I'll meet you at the end of the pier.

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