• LOCATION 7 | Downtown Reno: From the Reno Arch to the Truckee River

    Truckee: the heart of Reno

    Turn left across this small wooden footbridge. After you cross, you'll see reach another footbridge across the park. Head that way, toward the Dark Red Hand rails.


    You’ll remember that I said the city’s relationship with the Truckee was complicated.

    John C Frémont was one of the first European-Americans to see this river, and his early writings about this place mention a type of fish that the Paiute tribe fed him. It was the Pyramid Lake Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, a species unique to this water way, and Frémont said it was the best fish he had ever eaten. They were incredibly large — apparently 40-60 pounds was not uncommon (or 18-27 kilos), and they could reach 4 feet (or over a meter) in length. The Pyramid Lake Cutthroat Trout had sustained the indigenous people who lived here for thousands of years, and miraculously would swim all the way from Pyramid Lake, 120 miles upstream through this very spot to spawn near Lake Tahoe. This would happen every single year.

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Downtown Reno: From the Reno Arch to the Truckee River