• LOCATION 19 | A Walk Through Post-Industrial Holešovice

    Supreme Audit Office

    Keep walking straight.

    The massive glass building in front of you is the Czech Supreme Audit Office. Every time I look at it, I wonder what might be inside. Endless corridors full of cardboard boxes? A myriad of office clerks crammed into cube farms? You hardly see anyone entering or leaving that huge building.

    But, you know, Prague is the city of Franz Kafka. So there is nothing that could possibly surprise me.

    To me, the Supreme Audit Office is an example of how a building can entirely ignore its surroundings. Historical streets are confronted with that huge wall of glass. It doesn't really harmonize with either the river or its floodplains.

    Continue straight until you reach the next intersection. I'll meet you there.

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A Walk Through Post-Industrial Holešovice