• LOCATION 13 | A Walk Through Post-Industrial Holešovice

    New Residents Change the Face of Holešovice

    Keep walking straight.

    You are now entering an area that is characterized by a jumble of old industrial structures mixed with modern flats and offices. Increasingly, people with more money are moving into this area, mingling with the older, less wealthy residents.

    This has resulted in a boom of restaurants and cafés, many of which are jam-packed during lunch hours and before weekends.

    I used to come here in the 90s. Back then, apart from workshops and deserted factories, all you could find here were the infamous Czech gambling clubs - and that's it. People had to travel all the way to the city center for a decent cup of coffee. Now, however, many of these streets are lined with restaurants and cafés.

    Carry on walking down the road. I'll meet you at the end of the block.

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A Walk Through Post-Industrial Holešovice