• LOCATION 31 | A Walk Through Post-Industrial Holešovice

    Former Municipal Brewery of Holešovice

    Now turn left and walk to the end of the lane. We're going to rejoin the street on the other side.

    The brewery was built in the late 1800s and produced beer from 1897 until 1998 - that makes 101 years!

    The brewery was then transformed into office buildings. There are news outlets, a restaurant, supermarkets and other businesses here.

    I find it hard to believe that a brewery could close down in the Czech Republic, but in many cases that's just what happened. Currently, that trend is being reversed. The country is seeing a boom of little craft breweries. We have already met one at the harbor, and there's one in this complex as well.

    Continue straight, and walk through the gates at the end of the lane.

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A Walk Through Post-Industrial Holešovice