Philadelphia's Lost Waterfront

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    25 Jan 2016
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    Penns Landing

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    Pause here for a second and take in the view of the Delaware River. Before you is a section of the city called Penn's Landing, about a mile in either direction along the river. It is so named because of its proximity to where William Penn first entered the future city of Philadelphia. The exact spot is about a half mile to your right.

    Now look back at the city. You will see that the buildings in Old City are much higher than those on Columbus Boulevard. This is because Penn’s Landing is about thirty feet below the rest of the city. In between, at its own varying elevation, is Interstate 95.

    When you're ready, take the spiral stairs on your left down to the lower level of Penn’s Landing. This spiral stairwell is, incidentally, a descendant of the historic stairwell we will see later on the tour.

    When you reach the bottom of the stairs, follow the pathway that runs along the river, keeping the water on your right.

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