• LOCATION 14 | The Chairfather: Père Lachaise Part III

    Sivel and Croce-Spinelli

    You'll find our next hosts at the edge of Avenue Circulaire and the nearby entrance to Avenue Cail.

    To get there, turn right and take the path that cuts across the Avenue Cail.

    They are under a bronze sculpture of two men laid out on an elevated slab.


    In tour 2, we met Gaston Tissandier, who survived the highest fall ever. The gentlemen who accompanied him on his record-breaking ascent, did not. Their names were Joseph Crocé-Spinelli and Théodore Sivel.

    A carved inscription lists them reaching a height of 8600 meters in their hot-air balloon before passing out.

    Walk around to get a good look at the two, who are sculpted in realistic detail, although they probably weren't found holding hands. The bronze depicts the moment they were pronounced dead, two more adventurers sacrificed in the pursuit of man's limits.

    When you're ready, leave Sivel and Crocé-Spinelli on your left and walk up Avenue Cail.

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The Chairfather: Père Lachaise Part III