• LOCATION 8 | The Chairfather: Père Lachaise Part I

    Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas

    The American writer Gertrude Stein is more famous for the company she kept than what she wrote. She left Oakland, California (near my hometown) because "there's no 'there' there" "Here, here" called Paris, and so she went went, continuing her family's business of art collection. An incredible array of 20th century creatives attended the Saturday salons at her apartment, including Matisse, Picasso, Fitzgerald and Hemingway. Stein patronized all these amazing artists and writers, and supported some well before they were known. She called these expats the 'Lost Generation.' She and her life partner Alice B Toklas hosted the gatherings, likely handing out cannabis brownies from Toklas' cookbook. What parties they had!

    Go around to the back of the headstone to discover the two are together forever. While both women were from America, where graves are a solitary affair, in Europe most tombs stack several remains together. How many? Later on this tour I’ll show you an extreme example.

    When you're ready, return to the Avenue Circulaire. Then make an immediate right on Avenue Pacthod.

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The Chairfather: Père Lachaise Part I