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    Jardinet de la Rue-de-l'Amiral-Mouchez

    Jardinet de la Rue-de-l'Amiral-Mouchez on Paris audio tour Highlights Around Parc Montsouris: From Hidden Water to Secret Villages

    As you walk down the street take the hardest left you can, you’ll see there’s a small plaza with trees. Try to make a sort of U-turn into the trees near the low, curvy brick wall, and look for a medallion in it that says "Petite Ceinture". Gently push away the branches to look through the fence, down below, if you need to, and stop there. You can also take a seat if you want.

    Isn’t this beautiful? This is probably the wildest, greenest part of the PC, so you’ll see plenty of people posting pictures of this on social networks and pretending that’s what the entire PC looks like. Some sections are much less green, I can tell you. Maybe one day I’ll take you there!

    Ever since the train service stopped, there were huge arguments about what to do with this giant trench going all around the city.

    Some people wanted to build skyscrapers, others an electric tram, and other just wanted to let the place breathe. These days more and more sections are being reopened and turned into public parks, cultural sites, cafés or even communal gardens. With climate change, Parisians are realizing that indeed, letting the PC remain a green space is a good idea for everyone’s survival. Even as an immortal this makes me happy: I'd rather breathe fresh in decent weather than spend eternity wearing a gas mask in an underground bunker.

    As you can see, we’ve been really walking downhill now, Montsouris really is a mount, and you can feel how water can flow from the réservoir to the rest of Paris. As we are nearing the last part of the tour, ready for your last hidden water? Let’s go there.

    With the tiny green plaza to your back, turn left. Then take the first pedestrian crossing to your right, and cross the street towards the sign that "Rue de l'Amiral Mouchez". You may notice a Space Invader made of tiles on the wall to your left, but do not go left. Instead, follow the fence in front of you and go right, along the building, without crossing any street. Keep following the building at it curves around the corner to your left. You'll see its thick glass bricks, keep them to your left as you keep walking. Then the wall will have tiny circles protruding from it. Keep going, staying on this side of the street. As you keep walking along the block, the pavement will keep turning left into rue Auguste Lançon. You may feel surrounded by tall buildings, but keep going, there will be more trees ahead of you, and a pretty little house to your right. Stay on your side of the street and keep going straight ahead.

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Highlights Around Parc Montsouris: From Hidden Water to Secret Villages