• LOCATION 24 | Joshua Tree National Park Audio Driving Tour

    Visitors' Center Ahead

    Coming up on the left in about a minute is the National Park Visitors' Center. Look out for the low wall and the stone sign.

    It's a nice place to stretch your legs and use the facilities before the drive back. There's a nice bookstore and information booth staffed by rangers who can answer any questions you might have about this amazing place.

    It's also an opportunity to walk the Oasis of Mara nature trail, behind the Visitors' Center. This Oasis is fed by waters coming out of the crack of the Pinto Mountain Fault. The Serrano Indians dwelt in this area. Legend has it that a palm tree was planted here for every boy that was born. It's a beautiful place and worthy of a brief half mile walk.

    I hope you found this audio guide informative and helpful on your journey through the wonders of Joshua Tree National Park.

    Have a safe trip back to your homes and I hope that the magic of this desert stays warm in your memories. Goodbye!

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Joshua Tree National Park Audio Driving Tour