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    The Joshua Tree National Park Service celebrated its 100th birthday in 2017. The primary aim of the park service is the need to preserve our public lands against development and the influences of an industrialized world. Joshua Tree was started as a national monument in 1936 by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. With the signing of the Desert Protection act, Joshua Tree established itself as a national park protecting some 792,623 acres. It's fitting that these eerie looking Joshua Trees fell under protection on Halloween 1994.

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    Many years ago, well-to-do people from the Los Angeles area would come to the desert and take home as many cacti as they could without too much injury. It saved them from having to buy these popular and decorative plants from the store.

    But, thanks to a little old lady from Pasadena named Minerva Hoyt, legislation for reform was promoted. So the area was closed to stop the ongoing decimation of the cactus in this area.

    The Joshua Trees protected zone is also the merging of two distinct deserts and ecosystems. Here you see the merging of the Colorado river basin in the north with the Mojave Desert to the South. The higher salt content in the Colorado desert prevents the Joshua Tree from growing, while the cool and moist air of Mojave in the higher elevations in the South gives it some reprieve.

    This tour will explore the more scenic and photographed areas of the park, which are within the Mojave Desert. Locals also call this the high desert. It's an iconic symbol to rock climbers around the world.

    Joshua Tree National Park is known as the #1 destination for winter rock climbing in the world. With over 3000 official climbing routes and spectacular weather in the winter, this is a magnet to the climber and spectator alike.

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Joshua Tree National Park Audio Driving Tour