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    Boy Scout Trail

    Coming up ahead is an easy 1-mile hike to some beautiful rock formations along the Boy Scout Trail. I won't join you, but the trail is well-marked and you can resume the tour by continuing down this road.

    The trail explores a very cool area of rocks that date back 200 million years. They were formed by geological forces from the San Andreas Fault, which is literally squeezing these rocks to the surface like cookie dough. Geologists call the formations Monzonite granite – Southern California rock climbers call it "Monzo" for a short.

    There is also a 5 mile challenge, if you're feeling fit. Just be sure you have your walking shoes and water. You can always turn back if you get tired.

    You can stop the car at one of the few parking spots, if available, at the entrance further down the road. Don't worry – I'll tell you when we're about to get there.

    Otherwise, if you'd prefer to continue driving, just carry on straight down the road.

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Joshua Tree National Park Audio Driving Tour