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    The High Street

    The High Street on Oxford audio tour Know your Oxford: tour with AR for new and prospective students

    As you come out onto the High Street, turn left, and walk down to the crossing at the traffic lights. Cross the road there when you reach them, in front of the restaurant Quod. Once you’ve crossed, continue walking down the high street.

    As you walk, I'm going to introduce you to someone who will tell you about an Oxford society that has a link to Christian Cole, the first black graduate at Oxford, who you’ll hear more about on this street later.

    Sean: My name's Sean Sinanan. I am a PPE student at Mansfield College and I'm also the President of the Oxford African and Caribbean society.
    The African and Caribbean society is a student run organization. One of the main reasons why we exist is to ensure that African and Caribbean students are well represented within the Oxford space.
    It's often easy to feel like you have to negate a certain part of yourself to fit in, to match the Oxford stereotype. But we're here to show you that this stereotype does not exist, that you have value in your differences, and what you bring to the table will ultimately make you successful.
    Central to our mission is to facilitate Access and Outreach initiatives to motivate and inspire African and Caribbean students to apply to Oxford. We aim to do this through our flagship Annual Access Conference and numerous other schemes. We also hope that our Access work continues to have an impact on these students throughout their time at University, so they can have the unforgettable Oxford experience that they deserve.
    If you are a new student looking to get involved with Oxford ACS, drop us a message as we'll happily welcome anyone to our inclusive and loving family!

    AB: Alright, keep walking. I'll let you know when it's time to stop.

Know your Oxford: tour with AR for new and prospective students