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    START - Carfax Tower

    START - Carfax Tower on Oxford audio tour Know your Oxford: tour with AR for new and prospective students

    Hi, how's it going? Are you standing in front of the Carfax Tower? That's the tall, medieval tower on the corner. There's a red phone box near the entrance, and probably a load of tourists milling about as well. If you're near the phone box, then you're in the right place.

    I'm Alex Beukers, and today I'm going to take you around the university. I'm studying English and I’m in my 3rd year. I'll be showing you some of the places you'll need as a student, and along the way you’ll hear about the people who keep those places running - as well as some history about the city.

    This version of the walk also includes augmented reality at a number of locations. Unfortunately it’ll only work if you’re using a device which is compatible with Apple’s ARKit or Google’s ARCore.

    Carfax Tower has an important role in university life. Undergrads at Oxford must live within six miles of this tower during term time, and graduate students within 25 miles. There are exceptions, of course, but most students live within a set distance of this spot.

    Now, I want you to look up at Carfax Tower, right to the top. You’re looking at one of the tallest buildings in Oxford. No new building in central Oxford is allowed to be any higher than it. So if you fancy the climb to the top then you get a brilliant view. All it takes is a few pounds at the door and a willingness to ascend 99, very narrow steps.

    But you'll have to come back and do that another time because you're about to start walking. I want you to turn so you are standing with your back to Carfax Tower. HSBC should be on your left, and the Santander should be across the road on your right.

    Ready? Time to start walking. Go straight ahead, and immediately turn left, onto Cornmarket.

    This street is the main shopping street in Oxford, and it’s a great place to come for all your stationery, banking and late-night fast food requirements.

    Cross over to the right hand side and walk up the street.

    You're going to turn right, off Cornmarket Street and into a small passageway. Keep an eye out, it's easy to miss. The passage you're looking for has a big sign above it, which reads "Golden Cross". It's a black sign with bronze lettering. That's where we're turning.

Know your Oxford: tour with AR for new and prospective students