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    St Peter's College

    St Peter's College on Oxford audio tour Know your Oxford: tour with AR for new and prospective students

    When you reach the end, stop walking and look down the street, to your left.

    Can you see a honey-coloured stone building? It's on the right hand side, just past the church.Stay here while I tell you about it.

    Remember I told you about the college system? Well, this is St. Peter's College. I'm going to introduce you to the porters here who'll tell you a bit about what they do.

    Now, you can stand here, or walk up for a closer look. You could even go in and say hello, they're very friendly!

    [use existing audio]

    (Ernie: Hello Margaret...
    Margaret: Hello.
    E: oi, it’s a weekend!
    M: It’s not!
    E: It is for me!)
    E: My name’s Ernie Crawford, I’m a porter at St. Peter’s College
    P: My name’s Paul Irons. I’m the head porter at St. Peter’s College.
    E: Day starts at 7 o’clock in the morning, and you’re sat at the desk, giving keys, first aid, ice packs, pens and things like that, bolt cutters... anything, we’re good!
    P: Students asking various questions...
    (E: Hi, can you tell me where the bar is?
    P: Yes, if you’d just like to go through the door...)
    E: We watch the camera most of the night and then we go round on patrol.
    P: Best part of the job is meeting all the people that come into the job. Guest speakers, visitors, ex-members of the college.
    (E: Look through every window, what do I see? Smiling faces.)
    P: It’s very good to see the students as they arrive as freshers. All very, very nervous and then they start to find their feet, they start to find friends and they start to blossom in themselves.
    E: I think I treat them as my own. If they needed coffee at 3 in the morning, I’d make it.
    P: Never be afraid to ask questions. Anything they need to know, they should come to the porters’ lodge because if we don’t know the answer, we know who does know the answer.
    E: Yeah, work hard and play hard, but you must do the work!
    (E: That’ll do you... You know where to go don’t you? It’s party time now!)

    Listening to them makes me think of the porters in my college, Merton. They're a lovely lot and, if you're a student, I really recommend making friends with the porters in your college.

    Now, orient yourself so St Peters College is on your left, and walk up New Inn Hall Street, leaving the college behind. Make sure you're walking on the left hand side of the street.

    Going to bars in different colleges is a great way to meet new people outside your college. Another great way to socialize is by joining clubs and societies. I’m a part of one of the University tennis teams, and have also been involved in the Oxford University Poetry Society. Besides joining clubs, it’s worth looking out for free talks and lectures - there’s always something going on! Usually they have free drinks and snacks on offer, too - and that’s never to be missed!

Know your Oxford: tour with AR for new and prospective students