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    Blackwells Book Shop

    Blackwells Book Shop on Oxford audio tour Know your Oxford: tour with AR for new and prospective students

    Stop walking when Blackwells Bookshop is on your left. This bookstore is an important part of student life and you should feel free to go in and check it out while you hear more about it. Or you can wait out here, of course, if you prefer. I'm going to introduce you to someone who's studying at the Department for Continuing Education.

    S: My name's Sophia Holme. I've worked at Blackwells for a few months now.

    So you're now standing outside the flagship branch of Blackwells. You may recognize Blackwells because it's a nationwide chain now but this was the very first branch opened in 1879 by Benjamin Henry Blackwell.

    Downstairs we have the Norrington Room which was founded in 1966 by Basil Blackwell. The Norrington Room has long been the largest room dedicated solely to selling books in the world. It has comfortable seating and soft acoustics which make it particularly nice to sit in and study and I often spend my breaks just reading there.

    On our second floor we have a secondhand department. I've gotten some books there myself and they're at a much better rate. You're also more than likely to sell your textbooks to them after you're done using them, which can be an amazing way to get some funds back.

    AB: There's another Blackwells in the Westgate, which is a shopping centre near Carfax Tower. There are also loads of other book shops around town, including Waterstones which you saw earlier, and Oxford University Press on the High Street. Now, with your back to Blackwells, turn left and start walking. You're not going far -. Just a bit further along this street.

    You're really entering the heart of historic Oxford now. I have so many beautiful buildings to show you around here!

    There should be a set of stairs leading up to a patio and a sandstone building on your left. Stop when you reach this patio.

Know your Oxford: tour with AR for new and prospective students