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    War of 1812

    Continue following the path.

    In 1812, A few years after Wright settled here, the U.S declared war on Britain. This, of course, included the British colonies in North America. Three factors led to this.
    The Americans were provoked by British measures to prevent U.S. Trade with France, by the seizure of sailors off U.S. ships to man British ones and by the British support of indigenous tribes who were blocking U.S. Western expansion. The Americans invaded North, meeting unexpected resistance. Many battles were won and lost but the indigenous forces were destroyed. This opened the way for western expansion. The war had little popular support from the American people because of the aggravating British blockade of American ports. It was settled by treaty after three years, at the end of the Napoleonic war, with no change in boundaries. After the war, the British felt the need for a canal away from the US border. This would provide secure transportation from Montreal to Kingston in case of another attack. This was great luck for the settlement here because the new canal had to be along the Rideau river system and join the Ottawa river here.

    Keep walking along the path, next to the fence that overlooks the river.

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