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  • LOCATION 9 | Ottawa: Pioneering Days

    The Three Watchmen

    Stop for a moment to have a look at the tall bronze statue on your left.


    This is a Haida Indigenous sculpture called “The Three Watchmen".

    They face outwards in three directions and watch for danger coming from supernatural and everyday worlds. This statue was made by Jim Hart, hereditary chief of the Haida nation, which spans the West Coast from Canada to Alaska.

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    Now look past the sculpture at the large stone monument on the other side of the street with “Reconciliation” written on the side and three bronze soldiers at the peak.

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    This is a monument honouring Canadian Forces serving as United Nations peacekeepers. Since 1956 there have been about 35 missions and over 100 casualties. Canadians are proud and committed to this role in helping people live in peace.

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    When you're ready to move on, with the statue on your left, cross the street at the crosswalk straight ahead. Then continue walking straight down the path, keeping the park on your right.

    We are going to stop at the entrance to the park just ahead on your right.

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