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    Seven Years War

    Keep following the path as it curves to the right.

    The next big event in Ottawa's pre-history was the Seven Years War, known in the United States as the French and Indian War and as the Conquest in French Canada. By the mid 1700s, 150 years after Champlain, the global struggle between England and France for world dominance had been continuing off and on for 200 years.

    In North America, the French had built lines of wooden forts south into New York, west to Detroit and down the Ohio river. This was to support the fur trade, as well as fulfil their territorial ambitions. Britain's New England colonies were growing quickly and pushing outwards. The competition led to increasingly active hostilities, also involving their indigenous allies. Many battles were won and lost, but, sadly for the French, British sea power eventually prevented France from supporting her colonies. This lead to their surrender in 1760. By treaty, the British gained possession of French North America and Florida as well.

    Continue along the path until you reach a stone tavern that you will see on your left.

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