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  • LOCATION 3 | Ottawa: Pioneering Days

    Majestic sculpture and Champlain Statue

    Keep following the path toward the statue at the top of the hill.

    Have a look at the large art piece to your right.

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    It looks like old light posts joined together. And that's exactly what they are, salvaged from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The top lights come on at night. The name of the piece is Majestic.

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    The statue we're walking to is of Samuel de Champlain.

    He was the son of a wealthy French seafaring family. This meant he could afford to follow his passion for exploration and mapping. He was the first European who passed by here, in the year 1600. This was 200 years before the first Europeans settled here.

    Champlain is known as “The Father of New France”. He established three French settlements and administered the growth of New France in the St. Lawrence River Valley, 200 km or 120 miles to your right, south-east of here. Champlain took the side of the Huron indigenous nation in their continuing war with the Iroquois. With the single use of his arquebus or rifle, he killed two chiefs. This tragic mistake earned him the hatred of the Iroquois, starting a savage war that lasted for a hundred years! The Iroquois later beat and dispersed the Hurons, so he definitely backed the wrong side.

    Continue following the path up the hill to the base of the statue. From there you will have a fantastic view over the Ottawa River.

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