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    Byward Market - End of Tour

    You've now reached the corner of the indoor market building in the heart of the Byward market.

    The building was first constructed in 1848, rebuilt in 1926 and renovated 50 years later in 1976. In early days it served as a community meeting hall.
    This was the site of the infamous Stony Monday Riot in 1847. It was a dispute between upper and lower town groups that led to stone throwing and eventually gunfire. One person was killed and many injured.

    Feel free to have a look upstairs, where you will find some historical writing and pictures posted on the walls.
    Have fun browsing around and be sure to choose one of the great places here to buy a drink or enjoy lunch or dinner.

    [1.5 SECOND PAUSE]

    This is also where I'll leave you.

    If you want to return to where we started, make you way back to Sussex street, which you crossed at the base of the stairs, and walk right. You will soon be in familiar territory.

    Thanks for joining me today on this VoiceMap tour and have a great day.

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