• LOCATION 13 | INFINITE CITY #4: Riots, Disasters and Bachelor Clubs

    the medieval castle style

    Turn right at the corner and stop, turning your attention to number 246, the seven-story building across the block.

    Here we have an example of the Romanesque Revival style, characterized as rugged and muscular, yet stylishly opulent.

    Notice the heavy stone weight of the deeply recessed windows and doors. Also notice the rusticated stonework of the first floor, where the brickwork is recessed with larger blocks of stone protruding. Even when the material changes from stone to mostly brick above the first floor, notice how the differentiated color of the brickwork is meant to mimic the look of larger stone blocks. The look of this style was inspired by medieval European castles from the 11th and 12th century. Notice the round-arched windows of the upper floors, another hallmark of this style.

    Let’s continue. Keep walking to the end of the block.

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INFINITE CITY #4: Riots, Disasters and Bachelor Clubs