• LOCATION 12 | INFINITE CITY #4: Riots, Disasters and Bachelor Clubs

    the beaux-arts style

    Stop here and turn your attention to the right.

    Look for the bronze metallic entrance of number 24.

    Here we have an example of the Beaux-Arts style. Although at first glance this building may look to be built in yet another revival style meant to emulate ancient building traditions, the Beaux-Arts style has a more interesting and complicated origin.

    Born at a school in Paris called the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, this academic style combines the grandeur and tradition of classicism with the technological advances of the modern era. Innovations like reinforced concrete and large sheets of glass, along with cheap and readily available terra-cotta and cast iron resulted in a highly ornamented, yet lightweight style.

    Notice here the large windows, especially on the first two floors. Look to the corners of the second floor and find the cartouches, the oblong shield-like shapes surrounded by scrollwork. From here follow the line of stonework and notice the scrolled brackets between each set of windows. These brackets are usually found supporting a roofline or window cornice, but in this style, they're purely decorative. The fact that they're not holding anything up emphasizes their purely ornamental function. If you notice these two ornaments on a building, then it’s a good chance it was built in the Beaux-Arts style.

    Let’s continue. Keep walking to the corner and turn right.

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INFINITE CITY #4: Riots, Disasters and Bachelor Clubs