Broadway Theatre Tour

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    19 Apr 2017
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    Start of Tour - George M Cohan Statue

    Start of Tour - George M Cohan Statue
    Broadway Theatre Tour

    Welcome to the Broadway theatre tour. My name is Prudence Holmes. I'm a tourist guide and also a professional actor.

    Today we're going to be visiting some famous Broadway theatres and learning about their history.

    You should be standing in front of the George M. Cohan statue, at the bottom of Father Duffy Square. George M Cohan was a master entertainer who sang, danced, acted and composed. He wrote the famous song "I'm a Yankee Dandy". In the movie of the same name he was played by James Cagney.

    If you're facing the statue, look at the building to your right with Mcdonalds on the ground floor. That building houses the offices of the actors' union called Actors' Equity. Cohan didn't believe in unions and fought against it, so it's ironic that his statue is right across the street from it. Broadway is the street running alongside the square, on your left.

    Now turn so that you're facing the same way as Cohan's statue, and look down the long pedestrian area. The building with the triangular piece is 1 Times Square. That's where the ball drops on New Years Eve and thousands of people brave the cold to watch it every year. The building is empty except for the Walgreens on the ground floor. They make over a million dollars a year renting billboard space.


    So let's get going.

    Turn so that you're facing the opposite direction of the statue, with Broadway on your left-hand side. Then start walking across the square towards the far left corner. We're making our way to the left of the red bleachers, towards the TKTS booth

    VoiceMap uses GPS to play the relevant audio at each location, so you can put your phone away and follow my directions. There will be periods of silence, but this is normal, we are just in between locations.

    I'll meet you next to the red bleachers.

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