Bywater Stroll

    Andy young
    30 Jan 2016
    Clock 15min      Length2mi
    5 ratings

    Turn right on Chartres Street

    Pay wave

    Now turn right on Chartres Street.

    We're getting closer to Dr. Bob's art compound. His famous "Be Nice or Leave" pops up all over the city. He uses found materials such as bottle caps, alligator teeth, and scraps of wood to celebrate some of the iconic images and sayings associated with the city. In vivid colors, stencils, and hand-lettered pieces, Dr. Bob celebrates everything from po-boys, those quintessential New Orleans sandwiches, to Mardi Gras Indians, to local fruit and vegetable seller Mr. Okra. His produce-filled truck also features Dr. Bob's handiwork as he winds his way through the street shouting "I've got Oranges and Bananas!"

    Continue walking straight.

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