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    Ship House 2

    Ship House 2 on Monterey Peninsula, California audio tour Carmel-by-the-Sea: Fairy Tale Houses Walking Tour

    In 1929, Knight moved back to Carmel and convinced his aunts to move their house from Monte Verde to Guadalupe. Knight's aunt's house is to the right of the Ship House.

    Then Knight hired San Francisco architect Albert Farr to use the blueprints he had brought from Prague to build what would eventually become the Sundial Apartments on his aunt's old property on Monte Verde.

    In 1933 Knight married Adele Hawes and they lived with their three children in the house next door to the Ship House on Guadalupe. Knight had amassed such a large collection of nautical memorabilia over the years, there was no room in their home to display or store the items.

    So in 1936 Knight began construction of a stone building just to the north of his home. The outside, which resembles a stone lighthouse, features portholes from the Aurora, a four-masted ship that ran aground on Del Monte Beach in 1935. Allen Knight also served the City of Carmel as mayor from 1950 to 1952.

    So, now let's carry on to our next fairy-tale house built by Hugh Comstock. This will be the fifth and final cottage built for Mr. Swain.

    We're going to retrace our steps back the way we came. So turn around and walk to the corner of Sixth Avenue and Guadalupe. Then turn right on Sixth Avenue and continue back down it towards Santa Rita Street.

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