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    Comstock Residence and Grant Wallace Cottage

    Comstock Residence and Grant Wallace Cottage on Monterey Peninsula, California audio tour Carmel-by-the-Sea: Fairy Tale Houses Walking Tour

    Stop and have a look to your right at the Tudor style cottage with the steeply pitched roof and the detached stone garage.

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    This cottage was designed and built by Hugh Comstock in 1925 as the family residence. It also served as his business office until 1927. The estimated original cost of the cottage was $1,000.

    Here Hugh experimented with a recessed “eyebrow” window that you can see above the French doors to the right of the front door. You'll see this Comstock feature mimicked throughout homes and businesses in Carmel.

    Hugh also experimented with adobe bricks in the construction of this home. This technique became known as “Post-Adobe” and can be seen in the extension to the west side of the residence.

    Now, turn around and have a look at the Tudor Storybook style home opposite the Comstock residence.

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    It's one story, light color stucco with brown shutters and window boxes. Also notice the rolled eave line that suggests that the roof is thatched. It's not actually thatched, but this really gives the home a storybook feel. This is the Grant Wallace Cottage.

    Grant Wallace was a San Francisco newspaper writer and illustrator. He settled in Carmel sometime around 1920. He was enamoured with Comstock’s fairy tale houses and desired to have one of his own. He designed his own home and hired Jess Nichols to build this for him in 1927. During the time he lived in this cottage he was deeply involved in metaphysics. Quite an eccentric man, Mr. Wallace also experimented with telepathy and believed he contacted beings from other worlds.

    When you're ready, continue along 6th Ave, crossing the street ahead, Torres Street and keep walking. We're heading to the last few locations on the tour.

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