Carmel-by-the-Sea: Scenic Road Walking Tour

    Carmel scenic road
    Lynn momboisse
    16 Sep 2019
    Clock 75min      Length3mi
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    Tourdescription About the audio tour

    This Carmel-by-the-Sea audio tour is a collaboration by Carmel Residents Association members Lynn Momboisse and Dale Byrne. Happy Adventures!

    On this 3 mile, walking tour of Carmel-by-the-Sea Scenic Road Walking Tour we will explore the Scenic path along the bluff above Carmel Beach and take in the spectacular view of Carmel Bay from Pebble Beach to Carmel Point. This tour will begin and end at the Historic La Playa Carmel Hotel. We will be visiting the North Dunes Habitat Restoration Project and the Carmel Beach Overlook and explore a portion of the residential area known as the "Golden Rectangle". You will be learning about and walking by the homes of some of Carmel's early residents including Arnold Genthe, Dick Sargent, the Cooke sisters and Noël Sullivan.

    Along this walk, we will also view the home where Clint Eastwood lived while he was mayor of Carmel and the iconic Mrs. Della Walker House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Throughout you will learn about Carmel's distinctive architecture and hear about Carmel's storied past.

    Majorlandmarks Major Landmarks

    Clinton Walker House Frank Lloyd Wright

    Startingpoint Directions to starting point

    Begin your tour at the entrance to the La Playa Hotel located on the corner of Camino Real Street and Eighth Avenue. Look for the two story stone and stucco building, with Spanish style roof. The upper story has an arched window, and the first floor a distinctive stained glass star window that imitates the star window on the Carmel Mission Basilica. You will see the name La Playa in black letters written over the arched entryway. Before we begin the tour you might want to peek inside. Walk into the lobby and notice the lovely seating area in front of the fireplace. To the left of the staircase, which leads to guest rooms, is the walkway that leads to the La Playa bar and Pacific Terrace. Park your car as close as possible to the La Playa Hotel. Located in the residential area, there are no parking limits unless otherwise posted. Plan your walk so that you return to the La Playa after 2 pm. Then head to the historic bar located off the lobby and enjoy coffee, or a cocktail on the Pacific Terrace. The La Playa bar is open from 2 pm to 9 pm for light fare; cocktails are available until 10 pm.

    Tips Tips

    Places to stop along the way:

    Arnold Genthe House, Carmel Beach Overlook, Colonial Terrace Inn, La Playa Hotel and Bar, Las Ondas (Former Eastwood House), Mrs. Della Clinton Walker House (Frank Lloyd Wright), North Dunes Habitat Restoration, Scenic Road Pathway.

    Best time of day:

    Any day late morning or early afternoon if interested in stopping at the La Playa Bar which opens at 2 pm daily.


    If you use your phone to take pictures along your walk, note that using the video setting will shut down the VoiceMap app and you will need to reload tour. Also important to note, the homes that you will be viewing are privately owned so please respect resident’s privacy and don’t go behind private gates or fences. The hotels are open to the public so feel free to stop in their lobby and pick up a brochure for a future trip. About ¼ of this tour is on the Scenic Road Pathway which is a designated footpath. There are a few stretches of sidewalk on Ocean Avenue, but the rest of this tour will be on the streets of Carmel. So walk as close to the house side of the street as possible.

    Pay very close attention when you cross the street, and watch for uneven ground and low hanging tree limbs when walking. When you come to intersections, make sure that any cars coming your way see you and have stopped. Just be mindful of your surroundings as you enjoy this beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea Scenic Road Walking tour.

    There are two public restrooms located along this walk, one at Carmel Beach and Ocean Avenue and the second at Scenic Road and Santa Lucia. The walk is relatively flat with no difficult hills to climb. It will take about 2 hours to walk.

    Depending on the time of year you are taking this tour you will have different kinds of weather and different kinds of views and experiences. During our summer months May through August the weather can be quite foggy. This may mean that you may not see as far along the coast as you would on clear days. During the early spring, March to April and fall, September to October the weather here is often crystal clear. At this time you will most certainly have a stellar view just about everywhere on the coast. Both foggy days and clear days are quite fantastic, just each in their own way.

    And finally, when using VoiceMap with ear buds, it is not necessary that you have your phone out of your bag. But we have found that having your phone in front of you during these tours helps visitors stay on track. In map mode, there will be a blue dot on the map showing your location at all times. If you venture off the course you may use the blue dot to assist you getting back on the tour path. The blue dot will show your position in relation to the tour as well as upcoming stops that will trigger related audio content.

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