Wall of Glass

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    13 Oct 2016
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    Convention Center Main Entrance

    Convention Center Main Entrance
    Wall of Glass

    Welcome to the locative fiction audio walk, Wall of Glass, premiering during the NerdCon: Stories convention. Let’s begin.


    Hello! I’m Theresa, and I’m so glad you could join me for this walking tour of Minneapolis’ outdoor public art. You should be standing outside the main entrance of the Minneapolis Convention Center, facing the plaza in front of it.

    On today’s walk we’ll be exploring several of the city’s sculptural works as we walk from here to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

    Along the way we’ll get to explore bustling Nicollet Mall, serene Loring Greenway pedestrian walkway, and historic Loring Park.

    Before we get started, let’s go over a few things. You don’t need your phone out to follow along, so go ahead and put it away. Now you’ll be free to focus on the great details of the artworks. I'll give you directions along the way.

    If I stop talking, don’t worry! Just keep walking and I’ll be back soon.

    Let’s cross the street over to the entrance of the Plaza, towards the low stone circle with trees. Be sure to wait to cross until the light changes.