• LOCATION 33 | The Mysteries of Milan: From the Duomo to the Royal Palace

    Via Palazzo Reale

    Well this is where our journey ends. Do you remember where you are now? I hope this isn’t the last time you’ll come here. And I do hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve discovered.

    One of the things I love about this city is that there are so many unexpected treasures hiding behind the surface waiting to be discovered, so unlike many other Italian cities, beautiful as they may be. One of the best ways of exploring this multi-faceted city is to go by tram. You can still get the vintage ones built in 1928. The no. 16 stops right in Piazza Fontana – do you remember the little fountain at the start of our tour. It’ll take you out to the Last Supper. But if you haven’t been lucky enough to find tickets you can still enjoy the ride or go on to San Siro football stadium. But my elective method of getting around is by bicycle. Something that horrified my parents back home in Scotland when I told them that was how I got from A to B but so far I’ve survived so maybe miracles do happen.

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    Enjoy your time in Milan

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The Mysteries of Milan: From the Duomo to the Royal Palace