• LOCATION 8 | The Mysteries of Milan: From the Duomo to the Royal Palace

    Largo dei Bersaglieri

    Take the crossing on the left and make for the white church on the other side of the road.

    As you cross over you might've noticed the stark, sometimes brutalist architecture. The left-hand side of this road is called Verziere and comes from “verza” which means cabbage in Italian. This humble vegetable gave its name to the site where the fruit and veg market had been held for centuries. Down to the right you had one of the city’s notorious red-light districts called the Bottonuto filled with houses of ill-repute until the 1930s. Mussolini arrived on the scene and decried this colourful, working-class neighbourhood a disgrace. It had to be transformed into a shining example of the efficient Fascist city. People were evicted, old buildings demolished to make way for the new, all designed to promote his rhetoric. It’s now one of the busiest business and commercial districts in the heart of town and home to some of the flagship stores of top names in Italian interior design.

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The Mysteries of Milan: From the Duomo to the Royal Palace