• LOCATION 6 | The Best of Milan: Explore the City’s Secrets

    Piazza Dei Mercanti

    Continue along via Mercanti, towards piazza Cordusio.

    The large building on your right with a clock tower is called Palazzo dei Giureconsulti. It was opened in the mid 1600s and was the first headquarters of Milan's stock exchange. Restored completely after World WarII, today it hosts the Chamber of Commerce, conventions, exhibitions and conferences.
    Inside it is magnificent, full of original stuccoes and decorations.

    Something interesting about the street you are walking on: it was in the past part of a big square and the Palace facade closed one of the four sides of the old Piazza dei Mercanti, in Italian merchants). It was a center for commerce and institutions.

    On your left side you can see a brick walled building that is Palazzo della Ragione, the old town hall: under its arcades merchants gathered for exchanges.

    Then they decided to destroy part of the square walls to have a better view on the Duomo!

    Keep going to piazza Cordusio. I'll meet you there.

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The Best of Milan: Explore the City’s Secrets