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    Piazza Castello

    You've reached Piazza Castello. This fountain is called in Milan "wedding cake fountain", due to its look and water effect. Behind it and in front of you the amazing Castello Sforzesco. Make your way over to it and head through the entrance, while I tell you a little of its history. The castle is free to enter and is open everyday until sunset.

    It was originally built as a fortress and became one of the most important courts of the renaissance style at the end of 15th century thanks to the family Sforza, the dukes of Milan, ruling the city. They transformed the fortress into an amazing elegant residence full of detail; a center of culture for artists, writers, including Leonardo da Vinci who stayed here from 1482 to 1499. Unfortunately Milan then suffered a series of conquests, first by the French, then the Spanish, then the Austrians then again the French, then again the Austrians. The Austrians used the Castle as a military building, transforming it into a strong fortress again.

    Continue through the entrance. I'll meet you in the main courtyard.

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The Best of Milan: Explore the City’s Secrets