• LOCATION 12 | The Best of Milan: Explore the City’s Secrets

    Castello Sforzesco main courtyard

    Once through the entrance, take a look around you at the architecture of the main courtyard. You can see differences in style and aspect due to several transformations through its history and a huge renovation after the damages of World War II. The style you see today mainly is the one inspired by Renaissance art of the end of 15th century.

    On the main tower, the one you just pass through to enter, you can find an interesting symbol: a snake eating a man, which is another coat of arms of Milan, together with the flag we found in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. These two symbols can be found also in the brand of Alfa Romeo car producer, that was founded in Milan!

    Keep going towards the cortile della Rocchetta: walk diagonally towards the far left corner, aiming for the entrance with the white marble coat of arms above it, just across the moat.

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The Best of Milan: Explore the City’s Secrets