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    Brera district

    Turn left here into via Fiori Chiari and keep going.

    You are now discovering one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods of Milan, called the art district, close to the old walls of Milan. Several years ago it had a very bad reputation, full of criminality and prostitution. Then thanks to artists studying and living in this area it became an important centre for culture, and some years ago it became one of the most elegant and chic districts in the city centre.

    Today walking along the charming street of Via Fiori Chiari you can find the typical and traditional houses called "case di ringhiera" with courtyards that were renovated completely and became luxurious and very expensive residences. You can also see the original floor with pebbles, the same one as in the Castle, and notice that the streets are quite narrow as in middle ages. Brera is still preserving the look of the old Milan.

    Continue along Via Fiori Chiari.

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The Best of Milan: Explore the City’s Secrets